Still hangin’


Love it when the crowd has a good time.  Especially when fellow pros pay such respect as to come down and show up. Da Black Pearll, Mark Martin, Patti Ryan, Bill Travers, Mari Harris and his very own lordship Francis Duxbury III.  Kiss my grits: this time around at Corner Coffee is worth writin’ home about.

Tinitha “Da Black Pearll” Warren, these days, reigns in Twin Cities spoken word. Having to do with her January released book of phenomenal poetry, The Nucleus. Soulfully articulate prose-poetry, have to think back to The Last Poets, Laura Nyro and Dylan Thomas. Warren culls from all three. If Da Black Pearll isn’t an authentic firebrand, grits ain’t groceries.

Mark Martin and Patti Ryan are half of pile-driving rockers Inukshuk Pass (which I can’t never pronounce – sounds Eskimo).  Actually, Martin and Ryan are two fifths considering when backup singer Amber Gay weighs in with drummer Dave DeGennaro and bassist Paul Weyandt.  Wish I could’ve remembered the lyrics and chords to Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody To Love” to ask Mark and Patti up. 

Bill Travers and Francis Duxbury III, those rascals, are, with sweet singin’ Laura Moe, the fine country trio The Travelin’ Moburys.  Travers has one of them real rich baritone singing voices and is an ace on guitar.  Duxbury, one of the friendliest cats you’ll ever meet, plays guitar and sings in a style authentic as it gets.  Reminds y’ of Kris Kristofferson.  Except Duxbury stays on key. 

Mari Harris I don’t know from Adam’s house cat.  But, she’s musical director for and in the cast of next Spring’s stage adaptation hereabouts of John Sayles’ Honeydripper.

So, yeah, it was a ball.  After which, me, Bill and Francis went and caught Mary Ray Elias (plays almost everything and the kitchen sink – flute, two different saxes, guitar, sings) backing up blues artist Don King at Dusty’s Bar. 

By the time they dropped me off, weren’t a half-bad night.