You CAN have it all: Gubernatorial debate and State of the Union


Not only can you watch both the gubernatorial debate and the State of the Union address – you can do it without braving below-zero temperatures. Just tune your TV to the State of the Union address and click below for live streaming video of the gubernatorial debate.

The gubernatorial debate, hosted by the Minnesota News Council, is live-streamed by The Uptake. It includes 20 gubernatorial candidates, and where else will you really hear from Ole Savior or Rahn Workcuff?

Live streaming video of the gubernatorial debate begins at The Uptake and right here at 6:30 p.m. The Uptake 2 will also have the State of the Union, beginning at 8 p.m. (or you can watch that just about anywhere on TV.)



According to the Minnesota News Council, “All declared major party candidates for governor (as defined by the Minnesota Secretary of State) have been invited to participate in the debate.”  Participants, in alphabetical order:

Margaret Anderson Kelliher, DFL
Tom Bakk, DFL
Leslie Davis, GOP
Mark Dayton, DFL
Tom Emmer, GOP
Susan Gaertner, DFL
Bill Haas, GOP
Rob Hahn, IP
David Hann, GOP
Phil Herwig, GOP
Tom Horner, IP
Steve Kelley, DFL
John Marty, DFL
Tom Rukavina, DFL
R.T Rybak, DFL
Ole Savior, DFL
Marty Seifert, GOP
Paul Thissen, DFL
John Uldrich, IP
Rahn Workcuff, IP