Write On Radio! is right on


A mix of events and connections have got me back to thinking more about Minnesota writers and the rich literary environment in which we are privileged to live and read.  It’s not the sort of thing one should forget, but it takes replenishment at times.

One of the supports I had let lapse is Write on Radio!  This is KFAI’s timely and eclectic weekly interview with Minnesota writers of every persuasion.  I was delighted to learn that this evening’s interviewee is Peter Smith, known to many of us as an MPR contributor whose wry humor gives a jump start to the morning.  From Write On Radio’s helpful notes I learned that Smith is a 30-year veteran of Twin Cities advertising and author of a newly released book A Cavalcade of Lesser Horrors.

Smith will be interviewed on Write on Radio! this very evening, September 20, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.  If, like me, you’re at a neighborhood meeting this evening, know that the interview is archived by KFAI for two weeks.  A review of the archived programs, including a special tribute to Roy McBride, makes a great read.

On the same show Penny Noyce, author of the children’s book Lost in Lexicon and Desiree Bussiere, marketing director for Scarletta Press will be talking about the Midwest Booksellers Association Conference, September 22-23 in St. Paul.

I learned all this by reading the latest weekly email from Write On Radio!  Anyone who has an interest in good reads and interesting writers may subscribe by simply sending an email address to producers.  The email updates offer scheduling information and background on gusts and weekly events.