World/National Headlines | June 4, 2009


OAS: Yes to Cuba After 47 years, the OAS voted unanimously to welcome Cuba back, though Cuba says it is not interested because the OAS is a US tool.

“Dr. George Tiller didn’t have to die” Democracy Now reports that Planned Parenthood clinic employees had repeatedly told the police about the man who charged with killing Dr. George Tiller in the weeks before Sunday’s assassination of the doctor as he served as an usher in his church. Alleged murderer Scott Roeder had repeatedly put superglue in the clinic’s locks. Other protesters blocked access to the clinic, in violation of federal law, and posted signs on the boulevard in front of the clinic, in violation of city ordinances. Local officials were reluctant to enforce the laws, writes Amy Goodman:

But Dr. Susan Robinson was adamant. She flies to Wichita every month to perform abortions in Tiller’s clinic. She said, “It is generally regarded amongst those who do clinic security, if local authorities are not responsive, if they don’t show up or they don’t vigilantly enforce the law, that it encourages the anti-abortion people to push it further and further.”

She said: “In Wichita, Dr. Tiller was constantly dealing with the same lack of enforcement. Wichita prohibits placing signs on city property. But they allow the anti-abortion protesters to set up dozens of crosses and leave them all day. Dr. Tiller went to the city attorney over the crosses, and complained that people block the clinic driveway. He told me that the city attorney said, ‘I would rather be sued by George Tiller than the anti-abortion folks.’ ”

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