The world is making me crazy.


Michelle Bachmann has officially announced her canidacy for president of the free world, the rate of suicide in the armed forces is at an all-time high, more states than not do not recognize same-sex relationships as marriage, and billions of dollars are being spent on a war that cannot be won. This is not the world I have been working on for my kids.

I recently saught counsel from a zen-like neighbor (thank you Amy!) who reminded me that Mother Theresa’s actions were small and that all the little ripples can make waves. Our actions, our intentions, our presence and involvement in these crucial conversations do mattter even when we can’t see or feel the results directly.

And this leads to what I am most interested in–conversations with people from all sides about what really matters without hyperbole and finger pointing. Just an exchange of heartfelt concern about the world in which we are making for our kids.

Another frustration I feel is the inability to have the conversation. We have labelled each other to death and people don’t want to talk. I was once told , “You liberals just want everything to be fair.” Do you think that person is interested in an exchange of ideas? With our feathers ruffled and minds closed before our mouths are open, how will progress be made?

I want to talk and be heard. I also want to listen. I can’t be the only one, can I?