Workforce development needs attention


The Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce presented its 4th Annual Business Vitality Index recently – it’s a measure of the Twin Cities business climate compared to 8 similar sized metro areas around the country.

One of our most glaring needs turned out to be … not a shortage of professional sports stadiums … but a workforce that is trained to take on jobs that are available now, and will be available in the future.

On a recent edition of KFAI’s Weekly News, Brad Allen reported on the Business Vitality Index, and then Bob Hines and Michelle Alimoradi followed up with Bryan Lindsley, executive director of the Goverenor’s Workforce Development Council. The Council brings together legislators, people from higher education, business and industry, labor, non-profit organizations … a broad based, bi-partisan, highly knowledgeable group assembled to advise the Governor and Legislature about getting Minnesotans ready for work. [Audio below]