The Wizzle of Oz-Some, Fish Bowl, Bite Me Twilight


1. The Wizzle of Oz-Some: Laura Mahler/Baller-ina Ink

Dorthy is back for a REMIX! This modern re-telling weaves hip hop, rap and slam poetry together to twist the classic tale into something more meaningful for teens and adults alike.
In this adventure, Dorthy is an emo teen who wishes for something greater in her life. When the going gets tough, she runs away from home. On her journey she is greeted by a homeless “ScareBro” who gives her an attitude makeover and shows her the way to the city of GREEN- to meet the great and powerful Record Producer, The WIZZLE of OZ-SOME. A recording contract could be just the thing she needs to change her life around. Can the WIZZLE save her from her anxiety? Or is it up to Dorthy to save herself?

I have to say that this show was one of the best Fringe shows that I have seen. The introduction of the show was great. To have a beat boxing narrator who really has awesome talent. The music was great too. The entire time I was just nodding my head to the beat because the music was so infectious. I have to say that adding this hip hop twist to a classic tale really made it a great show to watch. I also loved the talent of all of the actors. What I also loved was using video to bring in more characters. And actually acting with the video which was timed perfectly so it would look like as if they were actually talking to each other. I hope to see some more hip hop infused shows in the future from this theater company; it was really good.

2. Fish Bowl: Mark Shyzer

A nerdy schoolgirl obsessed with physics, a nihilistic teenage hipster, a gin-soaked divorcee, a perky aerobic dance instructor and an octogenarian with an odd sense of humour find their lives colliding in the dark: Fishbowl is the hilarious one man show created by writer/performer Mark Shyzer.

Mark Shyzer has really created a masterpiece. With his gift of character acting he could really switch from character to character. He firsts starts by dressing as them to show the transition of each characters. Then he sheds the character’s clothes and dresses in a nuetral black. But with or without costumes he was really able to show the difference of all of the characters through his mannerisms. It was just was wonderful show to watch seeing all of the characters. The show was really funny and touching at some moments. Showing the lives of 5 different people, Shyzer has really broke the barrier of what a solo show is.

3. Bite Me Twilight: Tom Reed

One Man. Four Books. No Mercy.
Bite Me Twilight is an irreverent solo retelling of the entire “Twilight” saga from the creator of Fringe hit “Parry Hotter and the Half-Drunk Twins.” This pop culture-infused musical parody of vampire romance will leave you singing, “Oops! I f#@%ed a vampire!”

I have never in my life laughed so much in a Fringe show. To see one person to a musical retelling of all four of the Twilight books, it was really great to watch. He was energetic, had a very great singing voice, and the jokes were just hilarious. Reed was able to take a popular vampire fad and turn it into probably one of the best satires I have ever seen before. If this show ever reemerges I suggest everyone see it. You will leave the show still laughing.