FRIDAY PICK | Bobcat Goldthwait and St. Vincent: The oddest couple, courtesy of “Wits”


Update 6/14/12: “St. Vincent’s international travel schedule hit complications and she isn’t able to make the trip to St. Paul,” Minnesota Public Radio has announced. Appearing in her place will be Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies, with a guest appearance by Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum.

The MPR show Wits is known for working alchemy with unexpected guest pairings, but hosts John Moe and John Munson have set a new bar for themselves with the June 15 show: bizarro 80s icon Bobcat Goldthwait will share the stage with shimmering indie-rock siren St. Vincent. Though the double-bill is new, both performers have already been to the Twin Cities this year—Goldthwait had a gig at Acme Comedy Co., and St. Vincent wowed a First Ave audience as much with her bold crowdsurfing as with her music. I asked Munson about this show when I interviewed him for, and he gave the only reasonable response: “I have no idea what’s going to happen.”

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