Wine and popcorn with Lorna Landvik


by Jay Gabler •

Give Lorna Landvik credit for knowing her audience. The local author, who’s become a book club favorite with Patty Jane’s House of Curl, Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons, and other wry testaments to the elusiveness of domestic bliss, understands that many—if not most—book clubs are as much about hanging out and boozing it up as about literary exegesis. So to really connect with her audience, what’s an author to do?

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Traditional bookstore appearances are well and good—and Landvik certainly does plenty of those, regularly making the rounds of the suburban superstores—but why not choose a venue more conducive to, well, hanging out and boozing it up? And to hell with the books, which plenty of book club members don’t read anyway…how about just doing a one-woman show? And improvising it from start to finish? And blending margaritas onstage? Now we’re talking.

Thus it happens that Landvik is booked for a ten-show run at the Bryant-Lake Bowl, starting January 2. It’s not as radical a departure for Landvik as it might be for Toni Morrison (who probably does not endorse the Beloved drinking game)—Landvik used to be a member of the Brave New Workshop company and has previously performed several shows at the BLB. What I’d like to see is a little synergy: incorporating Landvik’s show into Joseph Scrimshaw’s Stitch, Bitch, n’ Die. Maybe Ellen Hart would even show up to play detective.

Does Franzia come on tap?

Published on 12/11/08.