Injustice Started Occupy Minnesota

Justice can be broken down into many subsets – agricultural, environmental, economic, educational, racial and governmental. Members of Occupy come from all walks of life. We are diverse in our backgrounds and our views but one of the central points which bind us together is the word ‘injustice.’

“Banks got bailed out, we got sold out,” is a common theme for the members of Occupy Homes. Occupy Homes has been doing the job that our elected officials should be. Crony capitalism purchased politicians who bailed out banks, which continued their legally and morally questionable foreclosure practices rather than negotiating with the millions of distressed borrowers who were victims of economic hardship.  The auto industry was bailed out but our families were thrown out homeless onto the streets.  Corporations and special interests have purchased our government. Elections cost millions of dollars and our voices are not heard. This is wrong. Your voice matters more to Occupy than the voices of the rich and the powerful.

The cost of gasoline and foods keeps rising, the cost of college keeps increasing, yet our salaries are shrinking. We at Occupy are demanding fairness and justice. We do not want a free ride, but we are outraged that most of our elected officials feel that we are their servants when they were meant to be ours. We demand publicly financed elections. We demand an end to corporate person hood and end to the corporate veil that protects officers and directors from prosecution.


The General Assembly of Occupy Minneapolis


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