Whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on


Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On. May don’t be no chicken in the barn, but, truss me. Whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on. For one, the damn book took off like a helium balloon. There’s a few copies left, floatin’ around in a couple books stores. But, it is fail accompli. And, no, I haven’t even talked to Anura Si-Asar at Papyrus Publishing, Inc. about a second edition. He’s busy having a life and Um busy bustin’ my ass. Besides, got offered a deal for a second book. Can’t say from who. Not yet. But looked at the contract and iss sweet. As honey. Interviews May 18th at “Out The Box” (www.blogtalkradio.com/outthebox) and Lissa Jones’ show “Urban Agenda” on KMOJ. Just did one with my girl Kinshasha Kambui for “Health Notes From The Heart of a Natural Woman” (KFAI). Elsewise, slated to finally finish the CD at Winterland (yeah, right – probably be out there rest of the summer just mixing). Amber Gay is going to sit in on the accursed track, “Angels.” That albatross demands just the right arrangement. Which I ain’t been able to come up with since Barry Knoedl produced a demo ages ago. Yes, the same Amber Gay from Inukshuk Pass. Golden chops. Don’t tell her (it’s a secret between me and Mark Martin), but we’ll be doing two versions. One with me and her and one with just her. Keep that under your hat. Okay, what else? Wrapped up an assignment for Super Lawyers Magazine. Corner Coffee, those gluttons for punishment, asked me to come perform June 1. I couldn’t wait to put together a set list. There’s more I’m sure. Just can’t think of it all. Well, what the hell? Being bombarded by work beats unemployment. Beats it with a stick.

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