Who will eat the last Halibut?


by Jackie Alfonso | April 14, 2009 • Atmospheric warming is already beyond what we can do to prevent disasters – we know this.

Lemonade Chronicles is a blog written by Jackie Alfonso, a local writer who is deeply concerned about food … and other issues.

The beautiful South Pacific island nations are already drowning – we can see this.

Voracious giant Squids take the place of other predators in the ecosystem, and those they are replacing starve.

Fishing ships leave tons of plastic ropes in the Pacific to become parts of the Pacific Gyre because it is just too much work to reel them in. Seals, sea turtles, dolphins are drowned when they become entangled; we find their bodies.

After years of warnings, we know that some yahoo brought zebra mussels to Minnesota lakes – did he think we wouldn’t notice? Everyone suffers due to that iggerant idjit.

A country filled with people who have discovered for the first time in generations what it is not to be hungry has too little oversight to protect the safety of its own babies, much less the safety of houses a world away built with its venomous products.

Garbage has become a global commodity.

Old men pay thousands for powdered rhino horn to stir their flagging libidos.

An island of safe Orangs is discovered – just close enough for visits from swanky tourist hotels, so how long can they survive?.

Each person who would stand in the line for that last Halibut contributes to the Gyre, drowns islands, starves right whales, feeds Zebra Mussels, eats poisonous sheetrock, drives Orangs deeper into the shred of rainforest.

And what can we do? They will not become less greedy, but perhaps the very end will be quite soon.

In my very best dreams, there is still a world of blue oceans, redwood forests, rolling prairies, rainforest crammed top to bottom with living creatures, undiscovered plants, singing whales, and it is only the humans who are gone forever.