Who is Sylvia?


by Kate Hoff • July 29, 2008 • My Best of the Worst of the Fringe prediction goes to Skunkape Sexkult presented by Mother/Destroyer at the Lab at 700 N 1st Street in the Warehouse district (new Fringe venue this year!).

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I heard Greg Carlson speak at the Playwrights’ Panel in St. Paul a couple weeks ago, talk about his piece, and read a few lines from his script. This is Greg’s first Fringe performance. When considering what to write, he thought about what kind of show he’d like to see. The basic premise of a woman having an affair with a monkey sounded interesting; why not start there? Add a British accent, maybe a fight scene when the show runs short, and kill off a character who’s not showing up reliably to rehearsal, and you’ve got yourself … something! This guy’s got ideas. He might not (ever) be ready for prime time, but where else but the Fringe are you gonna see this show? That’s a good thing.

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