Which Minnesotans supported California’s hateful Prop H8? Here’s the list


by Andy Birkey • 11/13/08 • California passed Proposition 8 or Prop H8 (H8 = “hate,” get it?) to rescind marriage rights for same-sex couples. It’s one of the first times in American history that voters chose to take away a civil right at the ballot box.

Andy Birkey lives in Minneapolis. He is an LGBT community advocate and blogs on political, social, and community issues. Read his blog at Eleventh Avenue South

Here’s a list of Minnesotans who cared so much about denying rights to gays and lesbians that they contributed financially to end same-sex marriage for California.


Mark Madsen
Minnesota Timberwolves Basketball Player
President & Chairman: Woodside Technology Group
Minneapolis & Eden Prairie, MN
$2,500.00 – 10/29/08

Eric Oldroyd
Manager of International Trade Finance: Target Corporation
Also mentioned as an applicant to the Hennepin County Library Board
$250.00 – 9/14/08

Matthew O’Keefe
Research Associate Professor, U of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Founder, Software Engineer, ALVARRI Inc.
$100.00 – 5/16/08
$100.00 – 6/18/08

On Saturday, November 15, Minnesotans will demonstrate against Prop H8 in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Duluth.

Thomas McCabe
Catholic Clergy – Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis
$500.00 – 6/18/08
$200.00 – 7/22/08

Dr. Frederick Townsend
Broadway Medical Center
Alexandria, MN
$50.00 – 7/27/08
$50.00 – 8/18/08

Dr. Michael Johnson
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN
$200.00 – 7/23/08

Dr. Thomas Howard
Cohasset, MN
$100.00 – 9/13/08

Arlene Resch
Owner: Resch Enterprises (Construction supplies, “Gorilla Wall Braces”)
St. Cloud, MN
$1,000.00 – 10/30/08

Jane Greenwood
Self-Employed Systems Analyst
Apple Valley, MN
$100.00 – 8/20/08

John Osen
Software Engineer: Cyber Development
St. Paul, MN
$100.00 – 9/1/08

Courtney Smith
Consultant: NMA
Buffalo, MN
$100.00 – 10/17/08
$500.00 – 9/14/08

Lisa Stinchfield
Plymouth, MN
$100.00 – 8/12/08

Pastor Donald Richman
East European Missions Network
Bloomington, MN
$500.00 – 8/7/08

Brian Peay
Broadband Precision Services
New Hope, MN
$100.00 – 8/6/08

Diana Wyman
Bloomington, MN
$100.00 – 7/16/08

David Nelson
Minneapolis, MN
$200.00 – 10/17/08

Gregory Norman
St. Cloud, MN
$150.00 – 10/7/08

A new blogger on the scene complied this data. “I decided that as many people as possible deserve to see these names and their affiliations. Do what you will with the information, but I plan boycotts where appropriate and protests where possible. I encourage you to do the same. In the coming days I will publish the names of Minnesotans who took the time and expense to make a monetary donation on the issue of California Proposition 8. I will continue to flesh out the information as more becomes available. This post will cover those who supported passage of the amendment. Worry not, I’ll soon post those who donated to the fight against it as well.”