FREE SPEECH ZONE | Where are the healthy alternatives?


At every average public school you always hear bad things about school lunches students say they are nasty some say that they need something new. That is exactly what happened at MPLS Roosevelt High School we interviewed some students and almost all of them said they are not fans of school lunches. Comments were made like “they don’t use real meat”, “I found something in my food before” “I don’t have a problem with the food, but it could be better” said Francois Davis. We also asked him have you tried the subs and salads? “I didn’t even realize that was something for lunch, I usually don’t eat the school lunches”

            We thought it was so interesting because most students don’t go stay in for lunch they go outside for lunch. We also interviewed a student that had went outside for lunch. “I never eat the school lunches they are horrible” Nicholson said a student at RHS. “I have only ate school lunch one time, if I don’t go outside I will buy a bag of chips instead of eating” Nicholson said again when he was asked what he does when he has no money?

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             Well there actually is an answer to this problem, Smart decisions like the cold section of lunch we asked students “Do you eat the subs sandwiches and salads? Once again almost all the students say they walk by it to once again get the Hamburgers they complain about.

            I’m not the only one that suggests the healthy alternatives we interviewed the lunch lady at RHS Susie Kreft. We asked “what do you see kids mostly eat during lunch? “I usually see them take the hot lunches, I also see kids taking fruit but not a lot of veggies”

            After the interview with Kreft it showed that it isn’t just the school lunches it’s the student’s decisions on what they eat healthy or not.  Also I went to the lunchroom and looked around at the whole lunch process. There were many left over healthy choices but not hamburgers and pizza. Students you complain about school lunches BUT there are alternatives it’s your choice students, make the healthy one.