When the conventioneers leave, what will be left?


by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet • September 4, 2008 •

Downtown St. Paul landmarks may require armed defense this week, but when there isn’t a national political convention in town, many Twin Cities residents would need to be held at gunpoint to be forced into downtown. Despite the presence of a robust art scene, cozy theaters, and poppin’ concerts, downtown can’t seem to shake the persistent perception that—after 5 p.m. at least—it’s home to more tumbleweeds than people. “St. Paul is a discouraged city,” I was once told by former resident Roger Kennedy, a director emeritus of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Discouraged by what, I asked. “By what?!” he responded. “By the Panic of 1893!” Really? Still? “Still. Read my books and you’ll understand.”

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St. Paul arts and culture organizations are making valiant efforts to change the popular impression that downtown is a ghost town, but can they succeed? Chris Clayton at METRO has a timely and thought-provoking report. Michael Daly, a painter interviewed by Clayton, cites Guy Noir: “St. Paul is a city that keeps its secrets.”

Update 9/5: Chris Clayton writes, “I heard Sally Brown and Linus Van Pelt were arrested for unlawful assembly. Good to see them back out on the street. Have you heard from Charlie?”