What you need to know about snow in the Twin Cities


December 24-25 forecast: everything. We already have snow, will get more, and probably some sleet and freezing rain added into the mix in the Twin Cities. Here’s everything you need to know to avoid getting towed – or worse – plus links to Paul Douglas Weather Center (my personal favorite) and other top MN weather sites.

St. Paul
St. Paul snow emergency regulations
More St. Paul snow plowing and towing information
St. Paul rules for snow shoveling

And a little additional information from Dave Thune, via E-Democracy forums:

Just to clarify a couple things, it is the responsibility of the home or businessowner to clear their sidewalk corner. Sometimes that is nearly impossible due to plows leaving a deep, packed, icy pile of snow at a corner. In this case, if we get a call (266-8989) we can have a plow crack thru the snow pile and get closer to the curb. Otherwise, sidewalks are supposed to be shoveled so pedestrians can pass one another and especially so wheelchairs and walkers can maneuver.


Minneapolis snow emergency regulations
Minneapolis winter parking regulations
Minneapolis SnOasis parking
Minneapolis rules for snow shoveling

Weather forecasts:
Paul Douglas at Conservation Minnesota Weather Center
WCCO weather center
Weather Central (city by city across the state)
National Weather Service
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