What would you do with $193 million?


In light of Obama’s recent fund-raising numbers, as well as the announcement that he has raised $193 million to date I assume I’m not the only one wondering…what could he do with all of that money?

He could hire 930 staff members at $100,000 a piece and still have a cool $100 million to play with. He could buy every person in Pennsylvania a $10 baseball cap and still walk away with almost $75 million.

But what about a gesture that would win the most goodwill? If I were a candidate with that much money, and I made it to the general election, I would buy every bit of commercial time I could purchase in every market I could find.

Then I would make them all go dark.

Imagine, two week before the election, seeing no presidential commercials — not from candidates, not from 527’s, not from other interest groups. Not even from corporate sponsors. Instead, before each program, just a short message: “This program is presented commercial free by Marty for President.” A grateful America would march you into office triumphantly on their shoulders.

Hey, you have to do something with that much money, and it doesn’t look like you can get that many baseball caps printed in time.