What Would Martin Luther King Say About the War in Iraq?


For the thousands of people who, despite frigid weather, showed up for a Martin Luther King Jr. commemoration on Marshall Avenue Monday, the celebration featured some tough words for the war in Iraq.
“The work of Dr. King is to get us out of this war in Iraq and fight for justice here and around the country,” said Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak.

“You know Dr. King would oppose this war and we must do it now.”

The gathering attracted civil rights activists, politicians and regular citizens who ventured to remember the slain leader’s shaping message.

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman touted his city’s recent abandonement of a question in the city’s job application that probes previous criminal history.

“We did that because we recognized that there are barriers to people succeeding,” he said.

Rep. Keith Ellison, the keynote speaker of the event, made the boldest statement.

“If Dr. King lived today, he’d appose the troop surge in Iraq,” he said, drawing a huge anti-war chants from the audience. He noted that Dr. King criticized the Vietnam war.

Ellison said that one of Dr. King’s most important legacy is not be silent about injustice.

“We need to say America will use its power to promote peace in the world.”

Abdi Aynte :: What Would Martin Luther King Say About the War in Iraq?