What now, Norm?


Politics in Minnesota has gotten several answers to that question over the past few days. First, on June 4, came a report from Roll Call that Norm was willing to bow out if the MN Supreme Court rules against him. PIM thought that sounded unlikely, and, within hours, posted:

I checked with several Coleman team members. All are stymied by where Roll Call got this information. Look for all-systems-go on appealing an adverse Minnesota Supreme Court decision and / or filing a new case in federal court.

Now, PIM reports, GOP spokespeople are “half-heartedly” saying that Norm will go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, and

But here’s their lone on-the-record comment from the Coleman camp, courtesy of spokesman Tom Erickson: “While that possibility may be on top of Harry Reid’s wish list, no decisions have been made.”

That’s not much of a denial, is it?

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