What I saw on August 6th


Status Update by SteppingStone Theater

At Thespian Academy the students are addicted to technology, until one day when they are sucked into Facebook! Find out how they survive and make their way back to reality in this new play by the teen ensemble.

While I thought that the plotline was interesting I still think that they need to work on this more. The characters were strong, but some of the actors that night were talking way too fast to understand so it was hard to understand some of the lines. It was also slow paced at some spots. I also got confused on how they got into Facebook too. For two minutes they somehow lost the ability to talk, then it blacks out and poof they magically appear in Facebook. It was also way too preachy for my taste. I think that declaring the moral is appropriate for the end of the story, not constantly throughout the play. However I liked how they made fun of the various Facebook games, and the use of IM speak in the play was clever as well. It was a cute play, and I suggest it for people who want to just see something for fun.

The “A” Train. Sally Roach

Take a ride with Sally Roach on her A-Train with family stops at Asperger’s, Alzheimer’s, Alcoholism, Al-Anon, Anglicans, Attentional Deficits. Sit back, listen to her life and say Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

This was a wonderful spoken word show. Sally Roach had a great stage presence, and she was really sincere in what she was saying. Her stories were really deep and personal and you can connect them, understand where she is coming from. While the performance was great, my only suggestion for her is that she should really get a music stand. Holding her binder which she read from distracted me a bit, plus, it also hindered her from connecting to the audience more. If she didn’t have it in her hands it would have given her some more freedom to move her arms. Other than that it was a great performance and I definitely would recommend it.

I Remember You

Donny used to be one of the most popular kids in high school, but he left after a car accident caused retrograde amnesia that blocked out the previous six years of his memory. Now that everyone is graduating Donny is coming back for a house party. The only problem is the one friend he has stayed in touch with, Kevo, hasn’t shown up and won’t answer his phone, he doesn’t remember his football teammates at all, and while he remembers the hostess, Erica, it’s only from third grade, when she stood up for him by punching Jeffery Pitckens in the lip.

This show was the best show I had seen that night. It had everything you would want in a show, comedy, love, and a little bit of drama. The actors in the show were really strong and kept the energy up constantly through the showm which made it fun to watch. One character who really stood out to me in the show was the high one tripping in the bathroom. She was wonderful to watch as she would interact with people while spouting off random theories of aliens and the moon. The main characters were also great to watch too. The chemistry of their growing romance throughout the show was natural and not forced. I would recommend that everyone put this on his or her list of must-see shows.