What else is gonna go right?


Corner Coffee cooked.

The audience was on it.

In attendance were Natalie Johnson Lee, Michael Chaney, Kimberly Nightingale, Michael McElrath, and Ezra Sauter. Kiss my grits if ya don’t like that.

Sang and played a bunch of originals, some covers. After listening next day to the playback, a couple takes’ll go on the upcoming live CD. Among about a half-dozen Corner Coffee gigs, there’s enough material. Planning with Bill Travers to edit and master Dwight Hobbes Live at his buddy’s studio. By the by, bless Travers’s heart and soul, he greased the wheels so that Laura Moe is considering my song “Angels Don’t Really Fly” for her repertoire. Between you, me, and the lamp-post, there’s a chance she’ll sing a duet with me on my perennially almost-wrapped-up studio CD Angels.

Elsewise: Got word from Papyrus Publishing, Inc. that my book Something I Said hits the stands this year.

What else is gonna go right?

Beats me. But, baby, believe me, I’m open.