What to do when your man won’t keep his clothes on


by Cyn Collins | April 2, 2009

Dear Cyn,

I’ve been seeing this guy for several months, and everything’s going well except for one thing that really bothers me. He’s very comfortable with his body…which can be a sexy trait, except he takes it to an extreme. He’s always walking around naked—reads the paper naked, picks up the house naked, even cooks breakfast with all his junk on full display. He seems to assume I’m equally comfortable with my body, since he walks in on me in the bathroom, pees while I’m brushing my teeth…you can imagine. How can I talk to him about this without seeming like a prude?


Dear Violet,

I get some crazy letters, but this one is absolutely shocking. He’s picking up the house and cooking you breakfast? I can’t believe it. Wait…what was your problem again? Oh, right. He’s bare-ass nekkid.

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I can relate—my husband is like this. Your guy is not going to change into a clothes-wearing guy, and if you do try constricting him with clothing, it’ll cramp his style. You don’t have to be in the room while he’s cooking breakfast in the altogether, if it bothers you that much—but keep in mind that his comfort with his body is likely a large part of why everything’s going well. The other extreme would suck. Plus, it’s convenient…right? So, unless he’s in the buff when your mom, sister, or friends come over, I’d try to just get over it. Just tell him to watch out for the bacon grease.

Your own comfort with your body and privacy are another thing (in the) altogether. He may not be aware you have a problem with him walking in on you in the bathroom. You can let him know that you’d appreciate him giving you a little sanctuary in the biffy. If there’s an issue with you taking a long time, thus compromising him to the point of pain or backyard exposure, you can agree to take a break and let him in. But as for his own naturism…well, sometimes to get those goosebumps, you have to be a little chill.


Photo by Ian Terry (Creative Commons).