What are your broadband principles?


by Ann Treacy • I met the other day with some folks who are as interested in the Ultra High-Speed Broadband Task Force as I am. Some of us had attended the monthly meeting – a few actually sit at the big folks’ table. We got to talking about one of the planned topics for the next meeting where task force members are asked to think of their top broadband principles – or their priorities for the ultimate report. You know – what do they really want to say to the legislators.

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We went around the table and talked about our principles. We were birds of a feather so we came to quick agreement. But we wanted to hear from more folks so I’m asking … What principles would you like to see featured highly in the task force’s final report to the legislature? Please post any thoughts in the comments. Or maybe you could take a quick poll to let us know which of the principles below you value most highly? Here are the principles I listed on the poll:

* Ubiquity
* Symmetry
* Affordable
* Competition
* World Class
* Collaboration
* Neutrality
* Interoperability

While the principles above did come up in our conversation, I actually pulled them from the Blandin Broadband Strategy Board Broadband Vision. Bill Coleman brought these up the Senator Klobuchar meeting; he mentioned that he was impressed at how well they stood the test of time. I have to say that we found the same today. But again the big question is what do you think?