We’re getting there


My wife and I will be having children in the near future. After last night’s results, I’m a little more confident that it’ll be possible to raise them in a decent and tolerant society without having to move to Toronto. The election of Senator Barack Obama was one small step for “race relations,” one giant leap for those with already open minds.

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I don’t mean to poop in anybody’s cereal but if you voted for Obama because he’s black you’re just as bad as those who didn’t vote for Obama because he’s black. The question of race should not ever come into question…ever, especially when talking about choosing the leader of the free world. Obviously, this is a historic occasion; however, let’s not reduce this great accomplishment to a matter of pigment.

To set the record straight, Obama didn’t win because he’s not white. Obama won because he was the best candidate with the best positions on the issues. At least let’s hope so. I’d hate to think that Americans are that simple minded to believe that it’s okay to be racist as long as your racist for a good cause. That mentality makes for a far darker outlook on the future of nation. If ignorance prevailed-even if it prevailed for the good of the nation-we are in serious trouble.

And what of us who already have our minds in the right place? Those of us who know that race is a concept you choose to acknowledge, that religion is a personal choice with no merit in governance, that candidates should always be selected based on much more significant factors than complexion- what are we to do?

For starters, we need to keep up the good work. Now we’ve got the first president who isn’t a wealthy, white man, how about mixing up the rest of the elected offices. In 200 some odd years of the Supreme Court, we’ve had two blacks, two women and one Italian. And while we’re at it, the Senate could use a splash of color here and there also. Let me be clear though, we shouldn’t start some Federal Office affirmative action nonsense. We just need to open the doors to ALL applicants.

Speaking of doors, to those that believe in race, and believe that Obama’s presidency is a great achievement for “Black America” let’s keep in mind that this is not an excuse to slack off. If anything, Obama’s presidency should be an inspiration. One colored man in a high office is great, millions of colored peoples in high offices (be they political, corporate or even personal) is better.

This crosses the gender and orientation lines as well. Senator Clinton and Governor Palin came close, but as the old saying goes, close only counts in a game of horseshoes. There are millions of women, homosexuals and transgendered Americans who are more than qualified for every office. In 2016, hopefully we’ll see some sexually as well as racially diverse

Hopefully this will serve as a pivotal moment for you social conservatives living in these United States. The idyllic and wholly imaginary, monochromatic, hetero-evangelical utopia you Right-Wingers are looking for is best sought outside the borders of this great nation. Freedom is just that-freedom. We are no longer interested in your oppressive, regressive, theocratic mentality.

Welcome to the present day.