Welcome new staff to the CNO


New staff members of the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization, Sara Greenhalgh (left), Asha and Ross Joy, enjoyed a sunny Midtown Farmers Market on a recent Tuesday afternoon.

Sara, a lifelong Corcoran resident, joins CNO for the summer to assist organizing several special community projects. She will be returning to university in the fall to study social work and American sign-language.

Asha is a Step-up intern who will be working with the farmers market through the summer. She helps set up the market and she also works on outreach with local organizations. Asha will be starting South High this fall, she’s excited about joining some after school clubs and cant wait to take ceramics!

Ross is Corcoran’s new, full-time community organizer focusing on CNO’s mission of inclusion, leadership development and public participation. Wisconsin-born, Ross most recently worked in Nigeria managing a small business development program for unemployed youth.

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