Welcome to the metablog!


by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet • June 19, 2008 • Welcome to the Daily Planet’s new multi-writer, multimedia arts blog! This blog, called Arts Orbit, is designed to do for the Twin Cities’ artcentric blogosphere what the Daily Planet as a whole does for the community press: combine original contributions from citizen journalists with highlights from many different sources. Arts Orbit will be updated more frequently than most current Daily Planet blogs, and not every entry will be featured on our front page or in our daily newsletter—so bookmark the Arts Orbit page and check back often to keep up on the latest news.

Arts Orbit will feature entries from some of the most incisive and insightful blogs and online publications in the Twin Cities. Our partners include ARP!, Booked in St. Paul, Brit Rock at the Top, East-Lake.net, HowWasTheShow.com, InDigest, l’etoile, live.eat.play.twin cities, Life of Cyn, the Minneapoline, the Minneapolis Review, Minneapolis Street Art Observer, the Minnesota Daily, mnartists.org, mnspeak.com, Perfect Porridge, Reveille Magazine, and Rift Magazine—and the list is growing! If your favorite arts-related local blog isn’t on this list, write and let us know.

Arts Orbit is a multisource blog about the local arts scene, featuring both original contributions by Daily Planet writers and entries reprinted from partner blogs and online publications.

This blog will also feature original entries by Daily Planet writers. You may see entries by our arts writers you’ve come to know—Jason Ericson, Dwight Hobbes, Jennifer Holder, Rebecca Mitchell, Betsy Mowry, Anne Nicolai, Michael Opperman, Sheila Regan, Justin Schell, Melissa Slachetka, Stephen Sporer, Mark Weaver—as well as many others. Interested in joining the party? Drop a line!

You may also have noticed that we’ve started publishing some arts articles before they appear in the newsletter; keep an eye on our arts page for all the latest arts-related articles and blog entries. Stay posted for more news on arts coverage in the Daily Planet—including Fringe Festival bloggers and a weekly arts newsletter highlighting events under the radar, over the radar, and across the spectrum.