Weird, huh? Not quite…


I overheard a conversation the other day (some call it eavesdropping, but I call it work), and a young woman said, “Well, I know it’s Glee-times and all, but being gay is just….weird to me.” Immediately, my mind went to things that I consider “weird” and here is what I came up with:

  • trying to write with my left hand
  • the internet
  • neatnicks
  • not wearing underwear
  • messy people who must have their bed covers arranged in a very particular manner

I chose these things because I don’t get them. It doesn’t mean that I don’t use the internet or look the other way when my son is dressing. It just means I don’t get it. I really do find the existence of the internet to be weird. Ten years ago, I could write for hours at my computer, and now there are distractions galore. I can look up articles and definitions and check email and Facebook and the hours must become days for true progress to occur. Alright, it’s likely I just need discipline, but you know what I mean. At any rate, the internet is weird because I simple don’t understand how it has evolved so quickly to become a thing many deem necessary to life.

So I did get what the girl was saying…or at least what I think she was saying. Being gay was out of her range of experience and seems, to use her word, weird.

But we are both wrong. The definition of weird varies from something “strange, odd, or uncanny” to “extraordinary in character” but all have origins in the realm of the supernatural and/or relating to witchcraft.

Oh boy.

I want to find this girl and suggest another word. If word gets out that being gay relates to witchcraft, what will happen? Immediately, I worry about the gay children who pick up Harry Potter in our local library and the naysayers who wanted to ban Hogwarts and friends. These poor kids already know their future is bleak. I hope no one suggests they take their library cards, too.

But just maybe I’ve got a sequel “brewing” for Ms. Rowling in which gay kids take over Hogwarts and we find out Harry really loved Ron all along and not his sister. If this causes enough of a distraction, people will be so confused about what to protest, so overcome with “weird” that they simply shut up and slink away to watch Glee.

Now, wouldn’t that be uncanny, strange, and odd? Certainly, nothing supernatural would be involved. Unless I cast a spell myself in which “weird” is removed from our vocabulary.

Imagine then, what word we might use? Being gay is….being gay. Using the internet is daily life, and writing with my left hand is not needed when my right hand works.

I suppose I should just stop eavesdropping lest I get my “extraordinary character” in trouble and stop with all of these internal messes I get myself into. I can find another way to look for material though it might feel weird…