“We Will Rock You” at the Orpheum Theatre is Something to Love


Immerse yourself in the rock & roll music of the past as you are transported into the future world of “computer recorded auto-tuned pop (CRAP)”.  We Will Rock You takes place in a future age on the planet that is now controlled by a corporation. Individuality is a thing of the past. Music is generated by the corporation’s computers, rock music is unheard of and all musical instruments are banned. The hope of breaking free rests with an unlikely resistance – an alliance of rebel Bohemians waiting for a hero to bring the power of rock back to the people. The Orpheum Theater on November 19th, was a place of “rock theatrical features” for the premier of the touring We Will Rock You. 

As the theatre lights go down, they are replaced with bright strobe lights shooting in your face, to the right and the left. The feeling of being at a rock concert starts to hit you as the single low chord of a guitar pulses behind the stage and behind your heart. The announcer asks you, “ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?” The answer is an obvious yes.

The real question the audience should be asked is, “what happened to good music?” What happened to going to concerts for the music, not to post a video on Instagram or Facebook? In the performance the main characters, Galileo and Scaramouche, rebel away from the normality of 10,000 Facebook friends and bubble-gum pop music.

Brian Justin Crum played an outstanding “dreamer” as Galileo, hoping to restore the world back to real life and real love through music. His breathless rendition of Queen’s “Under Pressure” was almost parallel to Freddie Mercury. And Scaramouche, played by Ruby Lewis, was quick to set a stage presence with her chill inducing performance of “Somebody to Love.” A favorite with the audience was Ryan Knowles’ character, Buddy. This hippie, “father figure,” of the Bohemians was a hit with his one liners and quirky mannerisms.

 One rediscovers the meaning of rock and roll, the freedom and self expression, as guitar riffs bounce off the Pompeiian friezes on the wall of the Orpheum. The real feel of a rock show came through when the curtain was raised higher to show the band performing in a true rock ‘n’ roll style, foot tapping and head banging, to the music of Queen.

 Overall, the musical We Will Rock You is entertaining from the “hippie” costumes of the cast to the detailed set of “the Hard Rock Cafe”. This show is for those who come to theatre for a chance to escape the world and regain reality with a new perspective. Those perspectives being, if we continue onto this path of a new pop star announced every week on American Idol or The Voice, our future will become one with that of We Will Rock You. This show offers laughs at the “low blow” sexual innuendos and references to the musicians of today.

Hopefully for this rock & roll comedy, it “ain’t gonna face no defeat.”