“We Will Rock You” at the Orpheum Theatre Rocks the Stage


Do you love the rock and roll music of Queen? Do you love Broadway musicals? If so, “We Will Rock You” at the Orpheum Theatre is the show for you. Featuring over twenty of Queen’s greatest hits, including I Want to Break Free, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, We Are the Champions, and, of course, We Will Rock You, this musical is set in the future on the “I-Planet,” a place run by the “Globalsoft Corporation” which controls what people are allowed to watch and listen to. In this technology run world, youth are called Ga Ga Kids, and everyone dresses the same, has the same thoughts, watches the same movies, and listens to the same computer-generated music. Musical instruments are forbidden and rock music is a phenomenon of the past, long forgotten and altogether forbidden.

The hero of the story, Galileo Figaro, who hears the rock songs of the past in his head, meets another outcast like him: a girl he names Scaramouch. They have the arduous task of working together and uniting with the Bohemians, other misfits who want true music back, beating the Killer Queen, and bringing rock and roll back to the world.

Although occasionally distracting, the clever lighting and effects, polished costumes, and savvy use of technology, really bring forth the futuristic setting of the show. Despite the weak and faltering plot, the amazing talent portrayed in the songs and dances makes up for the lack of clear storyline. 

All of the members of the cast sing and dance stunningly, performing perfectly in sync with each other. Galileo, portrayed by Brian Crum, does a terrific job of leading the audience on his heroic journey with his spectacular singing and acting. Meanwhile, Ruby Louis, playing Scaramouch, the sassy sarcastic, yet loveable sidekick, wows the audience with her beautiful rendition of “Somebody to Love” and fills the role perfectly, and the sensational live band rocks like none other. The sole weak performance was that of Jacqueline B. Arnold as the Killer Queen. Her dancing was nothing exceptional and her singing was overpowered by the band, with her backup singers/dancers out-shining her. Pulling together the show and creating unforgettable musical numbers was the ensemble, with each member as strong as the last.

Although the show has its faults, particularly the vain attempt to create a plot that could incorporate many of Queens’ famous songs, the incredible choreography and stellar sound make up for the loss.

The show includes all the basics of a true rock concert. Prepare yourself for bright lights, strobes, music loud enough to shake your body, and incredible talent, and don’t miss your chance to be rocked with “We Will Rock You” at the Orpheum Theatre, running until Sunday, November 24th.