“We Will Rock You” at the Orpheum Theatre: The Lighthearted Side of Rock


We Will Rock You is a futuristic show about the rebellious bohemian rock lovers in an “i-world” where real music, real love, and anything honest and true is outlawed. Galileo is a bohemian who dreams lyrics from songs we know and love today. He meets a girl he calls Scaramouche (seeing the theme here?) and they join the rebellion against the Killer Queen and her ladies in waiting. From the moment you sit down to the end you watch this cheesy musical- filled with musical references, miss-pronounced “ancient” words, and romance in a love-less world. We Will Rock You is a light-hearted show reminiscent of a classic 80’s musical- great music, but lacking a strong story-line.

The bohemians were cast flawlessly- Galileo and Scaramouche had strong, smooth voices and impeccable vocal ranges. Other characters, however, did not stick out. The “villains” of the show were lacking depth and didn’t make a particularly strong connection with me. They had many irrelevant scenes- “Fat Bottomed Girls” added nothing to the story and introduced a new aspect to the Killer Queens character that was never explored- left for the audience to see as their pathetic way to add a popular song to the musical. The chorus was all-together quite impressive. They embodied each new character they took on and danced and sang especially well (they were awesome in the secret ending song!).The bohemians were the stereotypical slightly slutty rockers- drinking beer and feeling the “vibe”. Brian Justin Crum was Galileo through and through- from the way he held himself, to his voice, to the way his fingers hung at his side- its quite a treat to see such great talent. However, the connection between Galileo and Scramouche was lacking- you didn’t see it develop over time, it just happened. I would have loved to see them become a loveable, dynamic duo, but alas, did not.

The shows was always colorful- red and blue lights a common feature on the stage. The show started with a light show, which I found quite annoying and a little strange. The lights constantly illuminated the audience along with the stage and sometimes was so in-your-face you couldn’t see the stage, let alone focus on the scene! The set transitions were so smooth- fading from one background to the other as the scene continued- keeping the audience engaged. The actors were well acquainted with these scene changes- acting on moving sets and running across stage in character to pull off a set piece. The costumes were quite fitting for the show. Each fit the character well- you were able to tell who was who without ever hearing them talk.

The costumes were quite provocative and some parts of the show a little sexual making it inappropriate for certain ages. The show was kind of like a party- full of energy. It was very cheesy and more appropriate for musical lovers who appreciate rock than die-hard rock lovers. While it was enjoyable, its not necessarily an award winning show. It was fun and entertaining, but not something I would be dying to see.