Way I Spent the End of the World




Romanian cinema has had a big year with Cannes Grand Prize for 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days last year. Way I Spent… is another of those tough, powerful films hailed by critics, seen little elsewhere, (but here, we hope).

The Romanian “revolution”, with the fall of brutal Communist dictator Ceauescu in Dec. 1989, continues to be the pivot for many of the films. Mitulescu’s triumphant debut portrays the lead-up to the revolution from the standpoint of a child brought up in one of Bucharest’s slums where dissidence, after years of paranoia and suspician, is beginning to simmer. Teenage Eva (a glorious Dorotheea Petre) and her adventurous boyfriend Alexandru, find themselves in deep trouble when they accidentally smash a bust of Romania’s dictator at school. She is expelled from the Communist Youth Union and sent to a reformatory. There she meets the strange Andrei, whose parents are rumoured to have been involved in a plot against Ceauescu. Eva plans to swim across the Danube with him to freedom, and starts training for the escape. Meanwhile, adorable Lalalilu (Timotei Duma) fantasizes an assassination attempt on Ceauescu — who is coming to visit and hear their school choir perform — as revenge for driving Eva away. Petre won a ‘Best Acress’ award at Cannes for her role here.

(In Romanian w/ Eng. subtitles)


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