War Reports | June 8, 2009


Counting the cost Global military spending rose again in 2008, to $1.464 trillion dollars, according to the Swedish-based Institute Sipri, reports BBC. The U.S. spent $607 billion. The next nearest nation was China, which spent $84.9 billion. The arms and military aerospace industries continue to show growth, in contrast to civilian industries:

In total, the 100 leading defence manufacturers sold arms worth $347bn during 2007, the most recent year for which reliable data are available.

Almost all the companies were American or European. Some 61% of the total was accounted for by 44 US companies, with 32 West European companies accounting for a further 31%. Other companies were Russian, Japanese, Israeli and Indian.

Somali journalist killed Gunmen assassinated Moqtar Mohamed Hirabe, the director of influential Radio Shabelle in Mogadishu reports BBC. A colleague was wounded in the shooting and was hospitalized.

Pakistan A bomb blast in Islamabad killed one police officer Saturday, reports BBC.

Responding to the bombing of a mosque last week, in which 38 people died, nearly 400 tribesmen have attacked attacked five villages in thought to be Taliban strongholds, according to BBC reports.

Iraq A bomb in a minibus killed seven people and wounded 24 in a Shia enclave in a mostly Sunni neighborhood in southern Baghdad, reports BBC.

Gaza Four Palestinian gunmen were killed in a clash with Israeli troops as ten gunmen tried to enter Israel, near the Karni and Nahal Oz crossings in the north-east of the Gaza Strip, reports BBC.

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