War Reports | June 4, 2009


Iraq A bomb placed in a cafe in a Shia area of southwest Baghdad killed nine people, reports BBC, which characterized it as “the latest of several to take place in cafes in the evening,” but also noted that “May saw the fewest Iraqi deaths from violence in one month since the US-led invasion in 2003, with 124 civilians, six soldiers and 25 policemen killed by attacks, according to official figures.” In May, 24 U.S. soldiers were killed, the highest number of U.S. casualties since September 2008.

West Bank One person was killed as Palestianian Authority police tried to arrest Hamas militants, reports BBC. PA forces had surrounded a house in Qalqilya, where militants were holed up and a PA security force member was killed b a grenade thrown from the house. Six people were killed Sunday in a clash between police and Hamas militants.

Pakistan The UN is running out of funds to feed 2.6 million Pakistani refugees, and US envoy Richard Holbrooke called for European and Muslim nations to send more aid, reports BBC The US is currently providing the bulk of all the assistance to Pakistan’s refugees.

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