War Reports | June 10, 2009 | Pakistan, Burma and Karen


Pakistan A suicide attack on the Pearl Continental luxury hotel in the northwestern city of Peshawar killed at least 15 and injured at least 60 more, reports BBC. Meanwhile, the government says its offensive in the semi-tribal areas around North Waziristan has killed at least 70 militants.

Iraq A car bomb in the southern city of Bathas killed at least 28 people. The area has been the scene of conflict between rival Shia militia in the past, reports BBC.

Burma After shelling of a Karen refugee camp inside Burma and heightened hostilities between Karen resistance fighters and the Burmese army sent 4,000 refugees fleeing into Thailand, the Thai army moved reinforcements to the border, reports BBC. The new arrivals will join 100,000 Karen already living in refugee camps in Thailand.

St. Paul is home to about 3,000 Karen, the largest Karen refugee population in the United States, most of whom arrived in 2003.

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