The war is not a concern to business!


We are engaged in an illegal war of aggression, an international war crime, a war sold to the populace with an unbelievable collection of lies. Yet no one is concerned? How sad!

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The fog and obfuscation machine in the country’s high command is churning merrily on. Far too many have been convinced to look the other way and remove the war from top of mind. The main stream media are doing their service to the propaganda ministry by downplaying or concealing “news” about the war.

This war has destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives including some 4,150 of America’s bravest and finest and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, men women and children. It is almost solely responsible for the horrendous debt and destruction of our economic system. We are a morally and financially bankrupt nation.

A few weeks ago the Twin West Chamber of Commerce sponsored a debate among the candidates for the third congressional district seat. Charging admission for a debate of potential elected officials I see as an affront to our democratic process. The questioning was entirely controlled by the chamber, after all it was their paid event.

I understand that that there was no question about the War because it was not of interest or concern to the chamber members. That is an astonishing Rove-like statement. It fits the Bush administration refusal to live in reality.

I cannot believe that our suburban business people are so callous as to claim that this terrible loss of lives is not a concern. Are the 60+ Minnesotans killed of no consequence?

The almost complete destruction of the US economy, primarily caused by this war ,affects all Americans, even suburban businesses. I assure you that Alliant Techsystems is very concerned about the war, almost $4 billion income; McCain’s 100 year war is music to their ears. Other companies on the military gravy train are smiling and getting rich. The normal suburban business is hurt by this economic disaster. I know the Republicans claim this is not even a recession. I’m old enough to remember Hoover’s Great Depression and know I have to live through the Bush Depression.

Is the evaporation of the US moral leadership in the world of no concern to companies with international business?

Americans, individuals and businesses, have an opportunity to resume ownership of our nation and to exercise moral and financial resuscitation.

Step one is the immediate cessation of this horrible war. It’s a bit like treating an alcoholic; first he or she has to stop drinking. Ending this war won’t solve all our problems, but none of our major problems can be solved until this drain of lives and money stops.

I say that if suburban businesses are not concerned about the war, this nation is in its death throes.