The war at home


Congratulations to the RNC Welcoming Committee for shutting Bush and Cheney out of their twilight convention. With a combination of chutzpah, media hype and exploitation of the Bush-Cheney rule of fear, the reviled national leaders were no-shows at the Grand Old Party in Saint Paul.

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Minnesota Nice also took a hit with a show of brutality not witnessed since the 2000 animal genetics conference in Minneapolis. Perhaps the saddest revelation was the mayoral surrender to Secret Service paranoid aggression. In fact Democratic mayors Chris Coleman and R.T. Rybak were shills for the SS.

However the NAZI Award goes to Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher who executed preemptive warrants to find, for example, Molotov cocktails in a home with glass canning containers stored in the basement, a box of rags in another part of the house, and charcoal lighter fluid near the barbeque. The charge, “conspiracy to riot in furtherance of terrorism,” is a felony.

Prosecution of white, middle class people for thought crimes signals a weakening government. For years I have watched US military kick down doors in Iraq—and now here, on hometown TV, the war at home.