Walz’s response to RNC health care ads targets town hall agitators


Rep. Tim Walz has responded to “misleading ads” that started airing yesterday thanks to bankrolling by the state and national GOP, but the gist of his emailed complaint seems to be with rightwing activists set on shouting down legislators like him at town hall meetings on health care reform.

In an email to supporters on Wednesday, he wrote:

Republican leaders are pouring money into our communities to air a TV ad filled with misleading and downright false information. These commercials are designed to scare people with the hope they will derail our efforts to fix our broken health care system.

Republican leaders think if they yell loud enough, we will become distracted, lose focus, and they will disrupt the health care debate.

Using the phrase “our grassroots organization” three times — clearly a counterpoint to charges that town hall protesters are part of a rightwing astroturf campaign — he states that what’s needed is “a constructive message” [emphasis his] and “an honest and productive discussion.” He urges supporters to send letters to the editor — and money to him — to help him counter GOP messages he implies are in service to special interest groups like the health insurance industry.

He links to a Media Matters post that fact-checks the “Reforma” ads and finds that through them the Republican National Committee “drastically distorts information about health care reform.“

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