Wall Ventures project for old Wilder site has Summit Hill Association support


On May 10th, members of the Summit Hill Association (SHA) Board of Directors reviewed earlier testimony given to the SHA Zoning & Land Use Committee (ZLU) on April 26th concerning the Wall Ventures, LLC project for redeveloping the old Wilder Bush Memorial Children’s Home site at 180 S. Grotto. Mr. John Wall and his associate provided information and answered questions about their application to have the 2.6 acres property split into 13 separate single-family residential parcels. The ZLU Committee had recommend approval to the full SHA Board.

Concerns were voiced about how the new homes would fit into that area of the Summit Hill community. Wall stated that there would be a 3-person architectural control committee created to which prospective buyers of individual lots will submit their new home design plans. Committee will review and approve. The St. Paul Historic Preservation Commission guidelines will strongly influence committee review & decisions.

At this time, all parcel have been reserved by interested homeowners. At the end of the Board hearing on this application, the Board of SHA voted unanimously to recommend that the city approve the combined re-platting of the 180 S. Grotto property. All members and attendees appear very pleased with the outcome. Next step is a future public hearing before the St. Paul City Council to which SHA will send a letter of recommendation.