VISUAL ARTS | Mosaic on a Stick: Art for the people in St. Paul


At St. Paul’s Mosaic on a Stick, its name a tongue-in-cheek reference to the near by State Fairgrounds, one can lose oneself in a kaleidoscope of colors and imagination. Proprietress Lori Greene offers classes and free open houses, where members of the public are free to get their hands dirty by creating art in a variety of media.

Many people, says Greene, find the process of creating art to be a good way to relieve stress. One day in late March, St. Paul resident Jerry Shih—a novice at art—was working on his first project. His creation is called Rong, which is Japanese for “Hibiscus.” One patron made a headstone for her mother; others create mosaics out of glass chips.

Mosaic on a Stick is now in its fifth year of operation. Greene, a mosaic specialist for over 16 years, is responsible for the mosaics seen on Snelling Avenue planters. The planter project, conducted in cooperation with the Hamline Midway Coalition and funded by a grant from the City of St. Paul, involves the creation and installation of mosaics by members of the neighborhood community. Hamline Midway Coalition director Jon Olson says he’s very pleased with the project thus far and is looking forward to seeing it continue.

Information on upcoming classes and public events at Mosaic on a Stick is available at While some events are free, there is a charge for some classes; the cost ranges from $125-$245.

Steven Wagner is a native of Minnesota, just returning after a four-year absence. He’s been known as a musician, a Realtor, a mortgage broker, an independent producer out of the MTN and SPNN studios producing shows such as Under Attack, Uplife Gospel Hour, and This is Music.

Correction: Contrary to what this article originally stated, Maria Ricke no longer works at Mosaic on a Stick. Also, class prices start at $125, not $15 as this article originally stated.