A View from the Bridge: Carol Molnau offers possible explanations for the 35W bridge collapse


Maybe it was lonely.
Maybe it was tired.
Maybe it got depressed.
Maybe it just couldn’t go on
holding up its end of things.
Maybe it was crying out for attention.
Maybe it was overcome by self-doubt.
Maybe it was hungover.
Maybe it remembered that its mother
always said it was clumsy.
Maybe it suddenly thought of
a great joke it once heard
and was laughing so hard inside
things slipped out of its hands.
Maybe it felt weak all over.
Maybe it got dizzy.
Maybe it had a headache.
Maybe it was a drug interaction.
Maybe it had an out-of-body experience.
Maybe it was lit up by an otherworldly vision
like a circle of faces watching a bonfire.
Maybe it tripped over something in the river.
Maybe it resented being stuck in traffic
all the time.
Maybe it harbored a secret grudge
and was just waiting for the right moment
to strike back.
Maybe it couldn’t stand feeling
as if it were getting nowhere in life
while watching everybody else get ahead.
Maybe it was possessed.
Maybe it was under a spell.
Maybe it was witchcraft.
Maybe it was black magic.
Maybe it was just one of those things.
And maybe, just maybe,
it was all somebody else’s fault.