VIDEO | More food, less exercise cause Type 2 diabetes to rise among teens


Type 2 diabetes is a growing health concern in Minnesota and the nation. More and more, teens struggle with this form of diabetes.

One St. Paul physician says, “One out of five adolescents is now obese, and one out of three is categorized as overweight.” Those teens are at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes.

ThreeSixty journalists Francesca Alfano and Belinda Ampofo along with University of Minnesota mentor Charlie Fiergola report on this rising trend.

ThreeSixty Journalism is nonprofit youth journalism program based at the University of St Thomas in St. Paul. It is committed to bringing diverse voices into journalism and related professions and to using intense, personal instruction in the craft and principles of journalism to strengthen the civic literacy, writing skills and college-readiness of Minnesota teens.

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