Video: Coleman ad calls Texas lawsuit “11th-hour attack” by Franken


After two lawsuits have been filed that allege Norm Coleman fraudulently received $75,000 from donor Nasser Kazeminy, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has worked footage of Coleman ignoring questions by Star Tribune reporters Tony Kennedy and Paul McEnroe into a commercial. Meanwhile, Norm Coleman released a new ad this morning that dubs the lawsuit — which was filed in a Texas court by a Republican and is not principally about the Colemans — “Al Franken’s 11th-hour attack: phony accusations filled with lies delivered anonymously to a Minnesota paper before being filed in a Texas court. A vicious personal attack on my wife…” Coleman, whose campaign announced this week that it was filing a suit against Franken for alleged violations of campaign laws (the fourth time such a charge has been leveled by Coleman or his surrogates against a political opponent), says, “In Minnesota, this is as dirty as it gets.”

See both commercials below.

DSCC, “Answer,” :30

Norm Coleman, “There has got to be a better way,” :30