Using the Cottonwood tragedy to bash Latinos


I was listening to KTLK 100.3 FM (Minnesota’s hate radio station: you need to know what those idiots out there are saying!) and predictably Jason Lewis and other right-wing talk show hosts were already making claims that, because the driver that was arrested for causing the school bus accident is Hispanic, she must be an illegal alien, and thus stronger anti-immigrant laws must be passed.

Opinion: Using the Cottonwood tragedy to bash Latinos

As a matter of fact, the driver in questions, Alianiss Morales, reportedly has a state-issued ID card, which can ONLY be issued to citizens/legal residents, so there are no grounds to assume she was undocumented EXCEPT for the fact that she is of Mexican descent:

Van driver arrested in fatal school bus crash Woman, 23, had no license; immigration status questioned; charges are expected today

The same talk show hosts and anti-immigrant Republicans at the Legislature that will jump on this matter will also ignore the fact that the media also reported this week about the criminal actions of a NON-HISPANIC US citizen who also drove without a license despite numerous convictions and ended up killing an elderly lady.

St. Paul man arrested in fatal hit-and-run hasn’t had valid license since 1995

These same folks also ignore other examples of NON-HISPANIC US citizens found guilty of INTENTIONAL acts of callousness and negligence that led to the death of others, such as the Republican- connected construction firm of Lametti & Sons, who was found responsible for the death of 2 workers (one of them a person of color).

Employer fined in St. Paul sewer workers’ deaths

We must get ready for the immigrant bashing. Let’s fight back with reason, with logic, and with the truth!