Uptown never tasted so good: Community wine tasting fundraiser on October 26


Nine neighborhood organizations surrounding Uptown will receive all of the proceeds from a wine-tasting fundraiser to be held Wednesday, October 26, from 6 pm to 9 pm at Calhoun Square, Hennepin Avenue and Lake Street.

This 29th annual event will feature sampling of over 400 wines and gourmet appetizers by renowned chef Tim McKee. The sponsors are Hennepin Lake Liquor Store, Il Gatto (a Parasole restaurant), Calhoun Square and Great Clips.

Tickets being sold in advance by neighborhood volunteers are $25 each with all proceeds going to the organization that sells the ticket. Tickets at the door are $30 each with proceeds shared by the four founding neighborhood groups.

Neighborhoods participating are Calhoun Area Residents Action Council (CARAG), East Calhoun Community Organization (ECCO), Lyndale, Kenwood, Cedar Isles Dean, Whittier, East Isles, Lowry Hill and Lowry Hill East. This is the biggest fundraiser of the year for most organizations.

For the second year, this will be a Zero Waste Initiative. As much of the waste from the event as possible will be composted including corn-based compostable wine cups. Appetizers will be served on napkins and guests will be able to clean their palettes with water from a central dispenser rather then individual water bottles. All wine bottles will be recycled.

Pat Fleetham (pfleetham@yahoo.com) is the lead organizer and volunteer. Cindy Christian from CARAG (christian_cindy@hotmail.com, 612.824.4096) is heading up the recycling project. Many volunteers from all neighborhoods are also involved.

To purchase tickets through the CARAG neighborhood contact the office at 612.823.2520, go to www.carag.org or call Cindy Christian at 612.824.4096. For the ECCO neighborhood contact Judy Shields (jshields@cbburnet.com or 952.221.1723) or Heather Wulfsberg (wulfsberg@visi.com or 612.812.6971). Other neighborhood contacts are East Isles – Amy Sanborn amysanborn18@gmail.com or 612.868.8664; Lowry Hill East, lhena@thewedge.org; Cedar Isles Dean, david.nitrox@gmail.com; Whittier, marian@whittieralliance.org; Lyndale, mark@lyndale.org; Kenwood, smurphymn@msn.com; Lowry Hill, lhna@lowryhillneighborhood.org.

More than $13,500 was raised in the 2010 event and given directly to the neighborhood organizations. In the 28 years of this event more than $303,500.00 has been raised for programs to benefit the greater Uptown residential community.