Connecting the dots


From all over the country artists will descend on Uptown for the Uptown Art Fair, August 6 to 8. Quietly and persistently many artists will make Uptown their local stop on a national tour of various art fairs. They will talk with many people and sell some art too.

For most artists making art is a lonely endeavor. Satisfaction can be remote and brief. But redemption comes from the occasional connection to an interested fan.

And yet they persist because they are driven from deep inside by an unknown unstoppable force that says “create.” So they persist. With what feels like their own language they will make art that captures their inner soul in a way that no other medium will. What seems like a second language to them will often look like Chinese to the rest of us.

So when the parade of creations comes to town this month, take some time to seek out the art that speaks to you and let them know if their creations speak to you. You don’t need any fancy vocabulary. Just let them know how it makes you feel. That’s it. Connections may be rare but that makes them all the more meaningful. When you do find the work that does, letting the artist know will be part of that connection and fulfillment of creative communication.

Complimentary Bike
Valet Parking

Open daily-15 minutes before the fair opens until 15 minutes after the fair closes the corral will be located at the intersection of Humboldt Avenue and The Mall, near the Midtown Greenway trail. Walk, bus or bike for a hassle-free visit to the Fair.

Family Imagination Station

Daily during Art Fair hours, the Station will be located on the Walker Library Courtyard (Hennepin and Lagoon Avenue.)

Create you own “urban experience” at the Family Imagination Station presented by Northern Clay Center. Exercise your artistic side and craft colorful works of art that represent what an urban experience means to you. Spark your creative thinking by watching a professional artist turn wet lumps of clay into beautiful pots during ongoing potter’s wheel demonstrations.

All projects will be fired at Northern Clay Center (2424 Franklin Ave. E.) and available for pick-up after August 25.

All ages and abilities are welcome to participate in these FREE activities. Northern Clay Center will also have information on hand about their latest class offerings, exhibitions and other exciting opportunities to partake in after the conclusion of the Uptown Art Fair.

Outdoor Wine Garden

Located at Old Chicago (2841 Hennepin Avenue), the Garden will be open daily during regular Art Fair hours.

In between discovering the urban experiences of the fair, sit back and relax at the Barefoot Wine Garden located in its new outdoor location-the Old Chicago parking lot.  While enjoying wine sampling or a glass of your choice for sale, you will be entertained by the live art on the Performance Stage. With Barefoot’s award-winning variety of wine from fruity Pinot Grigio, celebratory Barefoot Bubbly, to rich notes of ruby red fruit in their Zinfandel, their unique flavors offer something for anyone who wants to kick back and go Barefoot.

Performance Stage at Old Chicago
(2841 Hennepin Avenue South)
Friday, August 6
1pm:     Grayson Band (Americana/rock)

2pm:     Elliot Roche (Pop/funk/R&B)

3pm:     Chris Bolister (English singer/songwriter/guitarist) 4pm:     Forty Shades of Green      (Irish jigs & Reels/American waltzes/pub songs)

5pm:     Universal Dance Destiny (Hip hop/breaking/reggae)

6pm:     Rhythmically Speaking (Rythm-based movement)

8pm:    Face First (Rock/acoustic/lyrical)

Saturday, August 7
12pm:     Renaissance Belly Dancers

1pm:     Batucada De Norte (Samba/axe/reggae/maracuta)

2pm:     Urban Cadance (Fine jazz/R&B/funk)

3pm:     “MagicBrad”

4pm:     Sisters of the Sahara Belly Dancers

5pm:     Hayor Bibimma Drum and Dance Works

6pm:     Capital Sons (Rock/classic pop)

8pm:     MelloRoar (Folk/pop/hop hop/blues/metal)

Sunday, August 8
12pm:     Wild Goose Chase Cloggers

1pm:     Mr. and Mrs. Magic

2pm:     Kitchen Patrol (Old country/folk/swing)

3pm:     Social Dance Studio (Salsa/swing/tango/ballroom)

4pm:     Dee Miller Band (Blues/R&B/rock)
*Schedule is subject to change.