UPDC district planning – Creating a vision for the Union Park neighborhood


The Union Park District Council will be starting its district planning process this summer!  A new Union Park District Plan will be created, incorporating the vision for all Union Park neighborhoods. What would you like to see for the next ten years?  We want to hear about your vision for the future – as we will be collecting information from residents and neighbors just like you throughout the summer. Keep a look out for information about community meetings and events for the district planning process.

Take the survey!  The District Plan Survey, if you haven’t taken it yet, is online at http://bit.ly/districtplansurvey

If you have an interest in land use, transportation, parks & recreation, housing, water resource management, historic preservation we need your opinions and assistance!  Or if you know of a committee member, past board member or resident with an interest or expertise in one of these areas that we should be in contact with, let us know! UPDC is establishing a steering committee for the development of the plan and seeks interested residents or business owners to serve on the committee! If you are interested in serving on the steering committee, contact UPDC at (651) 645-6887 or info@unionparkdc.org.