UPDATES: Sixth Ward shenanigans, Terrorism/conspiracy charge for Scott DeMuth


Two of our recent articles have had significant new developments this week. Here are the updates:

Minnesota EWOKs jailed in Iowa – UPDATED 11/20/09: Scott DeMuth has been indicted on conspiracy and terrorism charges under the federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. The charges stem from a 2004 Animal Liberation Front raid on the University of Iowa, in which 400+ mice were freed from a research laboratory and the lab was trashed. Will Potter gives some background and links at his GreenIsTheNewRed blog. For additional TC Daily Planet coverage, see Minneapolis EWOKs ordered to Iowa grand jury

Dirty politcs play our in Minneapolis Sixth Ward Race UPDATED 11/20/09 (by Art Hughes) Minneapolis police have launched a criminal investigation related to anonymous political literature distributed in the 6th Ward before the November 3rd election. The literature targeted incumbent City Councilmember Robert Lilligren. “These acts are crimes,” Lilligren said in a written statement sent to supporters and neighborhood leaders.  “I hope the people who did these things are identified and successfully prosecuted.”

The investigation stems from a series of mailed and hand-delivered postcards that, in violation of state law, did not identify who prepared and paid them. In addition, someone removed hundreds of pieces of literature Lilligren’s campaign distributed around the ward the night before the election. Starting at midnight before the polls opened, dozens of campaign volunteers blanketed cars and other locations with flyers. Much of the literature was gone by morning.

Lilligren also says the claims made in at least one of the postcards is false. It’s a gross misdemeanor to prepare and disseminate false campaign material. Removing someone else’s campaign material and failing to list the source are both misdemeanors.