Update on Senate District 26 special election


According to MPR, Jason Engbrecht is leading in the money race leading up to next week’s special election in Senate District 26.

This is the race to replace soon-to-be-official Racino lobbyist Dick Day, who is leaving the State Senate for much greener pastures.

Engbrecht’s campaign finance report says he raised $20,645 and has $16,654 left in the bank. The DFL Party also gave Engbrecht a $1,000 contribution since the papers were filed.

Republican Mike Parry’s report says he raised $16,961 and has $8606 left in the bank. Parry reports receiving two contributions that total $950 since he filed his report.

Independence Party candidate Roy Srp reports raising $4602 and has $4432 in the bank.

Parry is, of course, somewhat infamous already for his questionably racist, homophobic, and conspiracy theory-laden tweets, for which he initially stood up and then later apologized.

Talking Points Memo took note of the Republican Party of Minnesota pulling its own Big Dog off the GOP presidential nomination trail to campaign with Parry — thanks for the shout-out, Kleefield! It’s interesting to me that we still don’t know if Parry was apologizing for the content of his offensive tweets or simply the fact that they were made public. An enterprising reporter with access to Mr. Pawlenty might ask a question or two about it.

Sally Jo at Bluestem Prairie has another great little update on the state of media coverage of the race — turns out Parry isn’t doing so well at getting his message out:

Parry is easily eclipsed by Jason Engbrecht and Roy Srp in local coverage of the candidate forums and local events. But you won’t read that on the MNGOP’s Facebook fan page section about the special election or on Parry’s web site media page.

Nor will you read any saturation retweets about the local media coverage from the Republican operatives who relentlessly RT the MNGOP message.

Engbrecht appears to having a strong positive impact in his public appearances, and Parry somewhat less so.

The special election will take place on Tuesday, January 26th — that’s next week, for those keeping track.