Upcoming art event! Residents plan to “Take the Field” Friday October 11, 2013


Several South Minneapolis residents came out on a Wednesday evening in mid-August to brainstorm and provide feedback on an upcoming public art event. “Take the Field” (5:00 pm to 10:30 pm) Friday, October 11th, 2013, will transform the South High athletic field on South 21st Avenue into an arts space. Residents shared their ideas on what food trucks to invite, different activities to plan, and how safety for pedestrian and cyclist should be a part of the event.

One activity that came out of the meeting was a “Slow Bike Race”. Attendees are encouraged to bike to the event and will then be invited to participate in the “Slow Bike Race”. To win, cyclists will have to pedal the slowest speed possible without tipping over. The last one to cross the finish line wins. This activity will help promote bicycle safety by having cyclists practice slow biking, which is required when approaching intersections.

The goal of this art event is not only to allow the public to participate in art performance, but also for the community to feel ownership of public spaces. South 21st Avenue is an important local public space because it acts as a transit corridor connecting the Corcoran Neighborhood to the Midtown Greenway and busy Lake Street. Bicycle use of South 21st Avenue will only increase this fall due to the end of yellow bus service to South High School. Students will need to walk, bike, bus, or use the Light Rail to get to school. Otherwise, there could be a noticeable increase in school related car traffic.

“Take the Field” will commence with a block party starting at 5:00 pm. South High students and Corcoran community members will enter into dialogue about the elimination of school buses as well as improving pedestrian and cyclist safety. Community awareness of traffic changes and advocacy for potential street reconfigurations will help transition South 21st Avenue into a successful transit corridor.

At dusk, participants will literally “Take the Field” through directed movements, projections, and audio. Participants will experience a greater connection with the urban space of the Corcoran neighborhood as well as with each other. Everyone will participate in the art event by either moving on the field or watching from the stands. After the art experience a family-friendly movie will be played on a giant projection screen created by the artists. All are encouraged to bring a picnic blanket to relax on.

Visit http://letstakethefield.com/ or contact Meena Mangalvedhekar at meenanew@gmail.com for further information. Let us know if you would like to volunteer.

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